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As demand in lithium explodes but production falls behind, prices are set to continue to soar. Lith Token seeks to provide holders discounts on eco-friendly vehicles, devices, and products.

We will accomplish this by leveraging our growing community, our marketing and PR expertise, as well as our charitable aspect within our token. Our current tokenomics is a simple 5% tax on each transaction that is redistributed to holders based on holders percentage of the circulating supply.

This is expected to change as our partnerships and charity work evolves. In order to make necessary adjustments for the betterment of the project, we must retain ownership of the contract, so there are no current plans to renounce.

Swap LITH between Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain Network 

LITH Bridge (1)-1


Swap ethereum LITH for BSC LITH-1



The LITH Token is a universal benchmark for global sustainability. It enables companies to track their progress and transparency across the world, as well as create sustainable value on an international scale. 

ESG Investing

ESG Investing

In the development process of LITH Token, token holders can use LITH to set the demand levels for decentralized environmental, social, governance (ESG) standards by exchanging ETH for $LITH.



The tokens' ecosystem continues to grow through partnerships. The newly formed relationships not only bring value but also keep you informed about upcoming products from our newest partners. 



LITH Token incentivizes ethical business practices by rewarding interactions with each other and maintaining ESG. This is done through the LITH ecosystem, which also helps to solidify what it means when companies state that they are "ESG-friendly".



LITH Token is backed by the transparent information on ESG companies. This means each LITH Token represents an equal value in relation to demand for this data and can be used as trading currency for products from these companies as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Open Market

Open Market

Lith Tokens are traded on an open market that is freely accessible to everyone.  It can be checked, transferred and used in the user's personal account or any third-party cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask - at anytime they wish, with full ownership.


Of consumers think companies should be actively shaping ESG best practices.


Of business leaders believe their company has a responsibility to act on ESG issues.


Of employees prefer to support or work for companies that care about the same issues they do.


Positioning holders for the inevitable battery takeover

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10B Total Supply

5.5B Circulating

4B Burnt on Launch



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