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For a sustainable future

Through various strategic partnerships, LITH aims to cement its position as the leading ESG token.

Strategic partnerships



The newly formed relationships not only bring value but also keep you informed about upcoming products from our newest partners

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Grow Together

The core team is working tirelessly on nurturing their relationships with current partners and future parties in order to find a way forward that satisfies everyone involved for years into the future.

aligned interests


Aligned Interests

The LITH Token Team seeks out partnerships that align with their mission, values, and development plan.

Our Partners


Ensorcia Metals

Sustainability in the extraction of lithium is one of the main problems that is hindering the lithium revolution, which is clearly showcased by the way the indigenous people's land in Chile has been jeopardized by the aggressive mining needed for lithium extraction.  Ensorcia Metals is the first official LITH partner.  

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Ensorcia Metals Corporation

Vitor Belfort

Belfort is a legend in the UFC, hailing from Brazil, Vitor is loved back home and with the impact we are working towards with indigenous peoples in South America, we couldn't have found a better fit for this partnership.

Vitor is excited to partner with a project that is pushing sustainable energy and business practices forward into a new age.

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Dak Prescott

"The world needs change. The LITH team is leading the sustainable movement by merging ESG Blockchain technology, revolutionizing the way we approach ethics in business."

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